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Ever since My Lead System Pro (MLSP) came onto the internet marketing scene back in 2008 they have been on the cutting edge of lead generation, and marketing training. MLSP was also the first to have a customizable sales funnel, which allowed marketers to brand themselves like never before.



Who Founded MLSP ?








MLSP was founded by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer back in September 2008. The system was based on the Attraction Marketing model, which teaches its members to lead with value for their prospects. Offering free valuable trainings to their prospects; who are marketers that are struggling to achieve success in their business.


This is an effective way to build a list, because struggling marketers will gladly get on your email list in exchange for valuable free training that will help them in their business.
This automatically sets you up as the leader, the teacher, the expert in the eyes of your prospects. This dance is building trust with your list, and now you have their attention.
You also have their email address which now gives you the ability to stay in contact with them to promote more trainings, as well as offer products that you make a commission from.


What Business is MLSP suited for ?


If you are in an MLM, Network Marketing, or any other web business, then you also have the ability to promote your MLM, or other business, on the back end of your sales funnel to your entire list. This is all setup one time in the beginning, and then it runs on autopilot.


Some MLSP pitfalls

Many marketers run into trouble with MLSP  not because the system is lacking anything, but rather they avoid going through the “Getting Started” link which explains everything in easy detail. Some also read and see the glorious testimonials of people who “appear” to go from zero to hero in 6 months or less, and are disenchanted when they don’t garner the same results. However, they don’t know the back story of the 2 or 3 year struggle before the person’s glory.


How to use MLSP

MLSP is a great resource and tool to develop any marketer who has the drive to be a professional and successful marketer, but it is not a push button miracle. Unfortunately, when people hear the gleaming success stories of other marketers, they assume that they can make $60,000 dollars in 60 days.

Technically the success claims are true, but they leave out the fact that they struggled and didn’t make any money for a couple of years while they learned how to do it properly. They didn’t just jump in with no experience and earn that money in 60 days. It took them years before they were able to do that.


This industry is famous for highlighting the glory without telling the full story, which is why so many marketers become disillusioned and quit before they see real results. Understand that you must hang in there during the learning curve, and continue to develop, learn and implement. As a result, you will be able to share your glory too. I just hope that when you do you decide to tell the whole story before the glory for the next crop of newbies coming behind you.


My Lead System Pro (MLSP)  is THE system to be a part of if for nothing more than the valuable training from the industry’s top leaders. You always want to learn from people who have already done what you wish to do!


 Ready to join MLSP ?


If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire… then follow the success trails left by the top earners in the industry by clicking here and join My Lead System Pro (MLSP) 






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