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My Lead System Pro ( MLSP ) is much more than an Attraction Marketing based system that provides you with a proven effective funded proposal. It is more than a tool that allows you to brand yourself as an online leader in the Internet Marketing industry.
It is more than a system that gives you the power to build your own list, and then to build a relationship with that list.


In building a relationship with your list, MLSP provides you with an extensive toolkit of free trainings and weekly webinars to give to your list of prospects for FREE. Needless to say that your list will love you for it! This is attraction marketing at its best.


In addition to the valuable trainings that you give free access to your prospects, there is also an extensive and comprehensive library for it’s members in the MLSP back office, which is chocked full of the latest and greatest cutting edge marketing strategies.













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NickNaggarNick Naggar
Independent Business Owner, Web Publishing & Development

MLSP  Independent Associate


LegalShield ™ Independent Associate, Legal Plans & Identity Theft Specialist

M.O.B.E ™  Authorized Reseller, Independent Associate

MLSP  Independent Associate

Empower Network ™ (EN) Independent Associate